Passport To Midlife Freedom Retreat

Level-UP Life - Build Boss Boundaries - Jumpstart Joy

New York, NY September 12 -15, 2019 

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Passport to Midlife Freedom Retreat NYC Deposit
Passport to Midlife Freedom Retreat NYC Deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it cost the same to travel domestically and internationally?

The retreats are priced based on inclusive lodging/dining, curated experiences, and personalized coaching which differentiates these retreats from ordinary travel.  

Do I need a passport? 

Yes, for international travel. Receiving a passport can take several weeks and should be applied for as soon as possible.  

Do you provide flight assistance? 

Flights are not included because of the logistics of people flying in from different cities and having varying affinity options. For travel to Lisbon, if comfort is a high priority for you, I recommend getting a direct flight. See this article with direct flight info:  

How much money should I bring?

Can’t give you a specific amount because it depends on your spending habits. Your lodging is covered, as is most of your dining and activities other than what you do on your own. Souvenir and shopping purchases are your responsibility, too.

About c.René Washington

c.René Washington is a Master Certified Life Coach and Midlife Maven who helps women own what they really want and clear their path to getting it.  

She is known for helping clients change 'I'm stuck' mindsets and take purposeful action that moves them into owning businesses, getting ideal jobs, ditching draining relationships, or loving their bodies...right now.  

c.René honed her laser intuitive coaching skills during a 27-yr career with a major health insurance company. It was in her position as Management Development Manager that she solidified her stellar reputation as the go-to resource for coaching people to excel in place, make smooth career transitions, or deal with the reality of being in the wrong role.

Wanting the freedom of choosing her clients, she said goodbye to corporate America, opened her coaching business and is passionately excited about the successes of the dynamic women she coaches.